Educational Experiences

Educational Experiences

Educational Experiences:

►Teaching and demonstration in different courses for Agronomy B.Sc. Students including: Crop Plant Physiology, Industrials Crops Production, Forage Crops Cultivation, from 1994 until 2010

►Supervisor for Agronomy B.Sc. Students in Seminar and Project Courses – from 1994 until 2010

►Teaching Courses for Agronomy M.Sc. Students including: Advanced Crop Plant Physiology and Weed Physiology, from 2004 until now

►Supervisor for M.Sc. Students in Agriculture and Agronomy of Shahed University – from 2005 until now

►Teaching Courses Agronomy Ph.D. Students including: Plant Ecophysiology, Seed Physiology, from 2012 until now

►Arbitration in thesis for Agronomy Ph.D. students in University of Tarbiat Modarres, Azade University and Tehran University of Iran, from 2005 until now

►Supervisor for Ph.D. Students in Agriculture and Agronomy of Shahed University and Azade University, from 2014 until now



Dr. Majid Amini Dehaghi

Shahed University

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